Friday, April 8, 2011

The dreaded baking pantry!

I'm not sure why I was so hesitant to do the above the microwave cupboards that house our baking stuff. It really took less than 40 minutes with the "help" of my 3 year old to take everything out, clean the space, purge, sort and refill.

 Removed from Cabinet

 Empty and ready to be cleaned out!

 The items put back and look, some space!

 The get rid of stuff

After I finished that project, I went and gave the kitchen a nice scrub down. Usually it is something that gets done on Saturday mornings, but tomorrow I can relax with a nice clean kitchen!

 I love a pretty clean sink area!

Looking for an idea to help out this open area!


  1. I love your sink area too! For your open area, how about those pretty bowls, the coffepot, looks like some pretty wine glasses up there. I would try to just display my pretty stuff and hide everything else!

  2. I love your sink area. For your open space cabinets, try arranging your nice white bowl with their matching plates and those nice salmon color cups and plates and like allysgrandma said, get rid of the rest. The white teapot can stay too, I like it.