Monday, April 11, 2011

Menu Plan Monday (give it a go)

I'm really not the best menu planner, but there were some killer deals this week at the grocery store and I have it all planned out. First of all, I saved 62% off my total bill, and only spent $58. Score! With the rest of the stuff I have at home, it will be a very frugal week for us. Lunches are usually subject to vary, my 3 year old usually gets to pick lunch, so I try to give him some options, usually just swapping days around. I might make a broccoli cheese soup in there somewhere as well. Hoping for a no going out week for food.

Monday-      Lunch- Chicken Nuggets and Waffle Fries
                    Dinner- Linguine Alfredo

Tuesday-      Lunch- Chicken Salad Sandwich
                    Dinner- Tuna Caserole

Wednesday- Lunch- To Be Determined
                    Dinner- Chicken over rice

Thursday-    Lunch- Pigs in a Blanket
                    Dinner- Ham Steaks and Pineapple

Friday-         Lunch- Cheese Quesadillas
                    Dinner- Pierogies


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  2. Hey! I love reading other people's menus. They usually inspire me for my next menu plan :) I also have a lot of decluttering and organization projects going on over here: Amazing to see how little by little, it all gets organized :) Keep up your wonderful work :)