Monday, January 31, 2011

Meeting results

Well, I had the PO over this afternoon. She was very nice and seemed good at what she does, but I don't know if she is right for me. I don't know if she really got me, or if her methods are what I'm really looking for.She didn't have an opening until Feb 18th, so we didn't make any set plans. I talked with another PO and we will meet on Friday.We talked on the phone and I am excited to see what she can offer.
In other news, I had a job interview tonight. Apparently I forgot to write down what building it was at. I have interviewed with this place before and I thought all the interviews were at the same place. Needless to say, I was late and thoroughly embarrassed. Another reason I need to get more organized. I was prepared with my Resume and Cover Letter and it went ok. I guess I will know tomorrow.
I was told by the PO coming on Friday not to do anything between now and then. I don't know if that is possible, I think I kind of like organizing and purging, it gives me a sense of accomplishment. I told her that I would try, but I think I will still get some of the areas I know I can do myself. More tomorrow.

Today is the day

I am feeling anxious about today. The PO is coming over to meet with me at 1:00pm. I am really nervous that she will think all kinds of bad things about me because of my clutter. I know it is her job, and my house is probably one of the mild case scenarios that she has been to (minus the basement). I went to the Dollar store yesterday to get a few storage containers and baskets to help me get a head start on some more drawers that need to be gone through. I was thinking yesterday, “Maybe I can do this on my own. Maybe I just needed the motivation to start, and some good resources for tips and tricks.” While it is true that I CAN do these things on my own, I think that the PO will help me get a jump-start. I do not want to fall into the trap of losing my motivation. She will be my voice of reason as to why I should let something go, especially those hard to part with emotional items. My heart is racing. Got to take Laura’s advice “Don’t agonize, organize!”

I really hate the word Hoarder. I have seen the show, and no, I am not anywhere close to what those people live like. In fact, my best purge sessions come after an episode because I have heard the voices of the organizers chanting that it is pointless to hang on to this stuff. Maybe I should DVR some episodes and work everyday! It always makes my problems seem more manageable. My problem is that I think that one day down the line if I do not start creating better habits and managing my stuff now, it could get out of hand like some of those people. I also seem to “spread”. I always used to spread my schoolbooks and homework out to past an arms reach around me on a semi-circle in front of me. At work, I start with the left side of the counter with a project and by the end of the night, I have worked my way to the right side of the counter. I think it is so that I can visualize that I have everything in front of me, instead of knowing that it is all in its place and I can go to it when I need it.

Time to take a deep breath and get ready for the day. It will probably be a bit overwhelming (I have got the tissues on stand by). I'll let you know how the meeting goes. Until then, I am making a list of organizing goals for her to help me with. I don't want to spend money for her to help me with areas I can tackle by myself.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Secrets, Socks, & Shoes (oh my!) Project #3

Here is a secret of mine (get ready, it is a doozy): I am terrified of dying. Not so much because I’m afraid of dying, but I’m terrified of someone being responsible for going through all of my crap. I can’t even imagine the words that would be said about the mess I left behind. “She was such a slob. What did she need all of this crap for? Who could live like this?” Yes, I admit it is morbid, but it is something I think about.

For as much crap and junk and other miscellaneous stuff I have, I am surprisingly clean. A bit of an oxymoron. A clean clutterbug. I keep my stuff clean- the floors, mirrors, pictures, wood. I Windex, Pledge, Sweep and the rest of the cleaning shebang. My favorite is SteamSharking the floors. The problem is that I move a pile to clean, and then put it back without getting rid of the pile and the clutter.  I guess I am trying to justify that I am not a disgusting slob. Just a slob and that is still a problem. 

Today’s project #1- purging shoes. I don’t like shoes, really I don’t. I wear the same shoes everyday, boots in the winter, sneakers in the spring and fall, and flip flops in the summer. I have special occasion shoes that come out rarely. I wish I liked matching shoes with outfits, but I am usually chasing a toddler in jeans and a hoodie. So here is my before and after of the shoe purge.

Today’s project #2- not so exciting. Sorting and purging socks, and other undergarments. No picture needed!

I also got all of the stuff out from under my bed, getting ready to go through that later this evening or tomorrow.
In the donation pile today:
7 pairs of shoes
7 pairs of pants
5 shirts
1 purse
1 little kids outfit
1 sheet
PS: I realize these posts are a little long for blog posts, I’m sure they will shorten themselves when I have a little less to say, but it is liberating writing as an adult. I talk to a 3 year old all day long, it is nice to write for adults.  I have horrible writing skills and I am not always grammatically correct, but my English teacher isn’t critiquing this, so I am sorry in advance for any difficulty in reading, I try, but I’m much better at Math and Science than the Language Arts world. I found the Stats section of blogger and I am amazed at how many have read my blog and from all over the world! WOW. Leave a comment or a link to your blog. I love making new friends. Some of the best ladies I have met are from a mommy board I joined when I was pregnant with my son.
Done. I promise. Until tomorrow! 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bedroom Drawers- Project #2


 So today I decided to tackle a few drawers in my room. I definitely need a place to store school/office supplies. I have been keeping them in one of my dresser drawers. The one that wasn't broken that is. I decided that it couldn't be that difficult to fix the other drawer myself, I watch enough Handy Manny after all.
 My son helped me fix the drawer and it gave me room to put my T-shirts back in the place they belong, rather than mixed up and shoved with a whole bunch of other clothes. Next order of business was reducing the amount of writing utensils I had. I still probably have more than most people would think is normal, but I do not have anything in any school bags and I tend to lose pens daily. I even tested to make sure they all work. The ones that still work that I am not keeping are going to my friend who is a school teacher and she said they are always willing to take extra school supplies.

In addition to the drawers project, I have gotten 3 loads of laundry done (one of mine, one of my sons, and one of the bedding) and am caught up. If you don't know me, this is a major accomplishment. I usually wait until it is so unmanageable that it takes full days to get it all done. I do need more hangers though. Or maybe, I should take some of the stuff I don't wear off the hangers and replace. That is probably the smarter idea and is what I am trying to do. A little at a time.

Side note: Did you know that Craigslist has a FREE section?! No, I am not looking to accumulate anything else, free or not! But it is the absolute FASTEST way to get something gone and out of your house. I posted the bathroom items I was getting rid of, jumped in the shower, and by the time I looked at my phone I had 5 responses already! Got rid of the whole lot last night as a take all and pass on what you don't need to the first woman who responded. Yes, I probably could have gotten some money for it, but I wanted it gone and fast.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Bathroom- Project #1

If you read my first post, then you got the background story. Today I worked on the bathroom shelf that belongs to me. I also did the large cabinet beneath it, I forgot a before picture of the lower cabinet but here is the finished result. By the way, and possibly TMI- I have enough tampons and pads to last me a while. A lot of half used boxes and bags made their way into the purple container.
Next is the bathroom shelf designated to me. This is how it looked before, and emptied out on the table. Have you thrown up in your mouth a bit at all the crap? I did. The problem is that the shelf goes so far back, and I have a compulsion to buy things when they are on sale and I have a coupon. I will not be doing that anymore. I will only buy something when I have used what I have up.

 This is all stuff that I posted on Freecycle. If it has not been claimed by Sunday, I will take it to a donation center on Monday Morning.
This is my completed project. I have a basket in the back of things that I use less frequently, the wicker basket contains things I use almost daily, such as hairdryer, curling iron, brush & combs etc. The rest of the product in the front is what I use for hygiene and grooming.

Uh-"O" is for Organization

I am a self-diagnosed clutter-aholic, chronically disorganized individual, and I believe I am starting to display hoarding tendencies. I am starting this blog to help keep me accountable and document my progress from clutterbug to an organizing junkie.
The beginning:
I think that if I go back to pinpoint where my disorganized self evolved from, I would have to say that it happened when my parents got divorced, and I got two rooms. I had two full bedrooms full of stuff from the time I was 11 years old. I had two full closets of clothes, two places to display knick-knacks, and more room to keep things than most 11 year old have. I had lots of storage space for a little girl, and I was able to keep more things, because I had the space for it. Having two houses also meant that I had to keep a mental account of what I had at what house. I needed to bring certain items back and forth, like gym clothes, shoes, school books etc. I have always had to think about where a given item was, when I would need it next, and if I needed to take it back and forth. So this, is my guess as to where the disorganization comes from. Now, you may ask why I didn't just implement a system that was easy to keep track of these things so that they didn't cause frustration and more mental focus than I should had to put forth. Why? Well, because my dad was disorganized, and I seem to have learned his bad habits, rather than the neat-freakedness that my brother got from my mom (and yes, I am jealous).
I will let you all know some very personal things about me that I do not share with any persons close to me, because honestly, they will think that I am crazy. Maybe I am, but my psychologist doesn't seem to think so. Yes- my first secret is that I am undergoing therapy with a psychologist. I go weekly, and it helps to lessen the burden of things on my mind to an individual who will not judge me. In a way, he is my mental cleaning for the week, and I feel much better since I have started seeing him. I primarily started seeing him to deal with grief, and the loss of my dad. He has helped me with so much more already. I am sure more secrets will unravel their way into the words of my blog, but that isn't the intention of this first blog post. I believe that one of my sessions has opened my eyes to the fact that I need help. Physical help, not mental, I am already working on that.
Is there a 12 step process for this? I feel like I have fully achieved steps 1 & 2 in my own set of steps.
I have admitted that I have a problem with disorganization. I have admitted it to myself, my family already knows it, so there. I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH DISORGANIZATION. Loud and clear, I am ready to admit it. Step 2: I have enlisted professional help to get me through this problem. Yesterday I found the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). I contacted several of the certified professionals in my area. I have spoken with some and I think I have found my professional. We will meet on Monday. The reason I am utilizing a professional organizer is to help me jump start. I often feel overwhelmed by the tasks that lie ahead of me. I have a problem getting the motivation to do it myself. Yes, it is a bit expensive, but I feel that it will ultimately save me time, money, and peace of mind.
I also found a blog by a woman named Laura.   I think I am really going to like her website. I spent hours last night reading her tips. I am buying her book today!
So, in a nutshell- I have found the motivation to get help. I have found great resources to help me get started. I plan on working this weekend through some of the smaller areas that I can manage on my own. I am about to give Freecycle a workout this weekend with the items I need to purge.
Thanks for reading (and hopefully not judging too much!)
For now it is back to the weekend purge. I will update with pictures. I completed one project in the bathroom this morning, and already feel better.