Sunday, January 30, 2011

Secrets, Socks, & Shoes (oh my!) Project #3

Here is a secret of mine (get ready, it is a doozy): I am terrified of dying. Not so much because I’m afraid of dying, but I’m terrified of someone being responsible for going through all of my crap. I can’t even imagine the words that would be said about the mess I left behind. “She was such a slob. What did she need all of this crap for? Who could live like this?” Yes, I admit it is morbid, but it is something I think about.

For as much crap and junk and other miscellaneous stuff I have, I am surprisingly clean. A bit of an oxymoron. A clean clutterbug. I keep my stuff clean- the floors, mirrors, pictures, wood. I Windex, Pledge, Sweep and the rest of the cleaning shebang. My favorite is SteamSharking the floors. The problem is that I move a pile to clean, and then put it back without getting rid of the pile and the clutter.  I guess I am trying to justify that I am not a disgusting slob. Just a slob and that is still a problem. 

Today’s project #1- purging shoes. I don’t like shoes, really I don’t. I wear the same shoes everyday, boots in the winter, sneakers in the spring and fall, and flip flops in the summer. I have special occasion shoes that come out rarely. I wish I liked matching shoes with outfits, but I am usually chasing a toddler in jeans and a hoodie. So here is my before and after of the shoe purge.

Today’s project #2- not so exciting. Sorting and purging socks, and other undergarments. No picture needed!

I also got all of the stuff out from under my bed, getting ready to go through that later this evening or tomorrow.
In the donation pile today:
7 pairs of shoes
7 pairs of pants
5 shirts
1 purse
1 little kids outfit
1 sheet
PS: I realize these posts are a little long for blog posts, I’m sure they will shorten themselves when I have a little less to say, but it is liberating writing as an adult. I talk to a 3 year old all day long, it is nice to write for adults.  I have horrible writing skills and I am not always grammatically correct, but my English teacher isn’t critiquing this, so I am sorry in advance for any difficulty in reading, I try, but I’m much better at Math and Science than the Language Arts world. I found the Stats section of blogger and I am amazed at how many have read my blog and from all over the world! WOW. Leave a comment or a link to your blog. I love making new friends. Some of the best ladies I have met are from a mommy board I joined when I was pregnant with my son.
Done. I promise. Until tomorrow! 

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