Monday, January 31, 2011

Today is the day

I am feeling anxious about today. The PO is coming over to meet with me at 1:00pm. I am really nervous that she will think all kinds of bad things about me because of my clutter. I know it is her job, and my house is probably one of the mild case scenarios that she has been to (minus the basement). I went to the Dollar store yesterday to get a few storage containers and baskets to help me get a head start on some more drawers that need to be gone through. I was thinking yesterday, “Maybe I can do this on my own. Maybe I just needed the motivation to start, and some good resources for tips and tricks.” While it is true that I CAN do these things on my own, I think that the PO will help me get a jump-start. I do not want to fall into the trap of losing my motivation. She will be my voice of reason as to why I should let something go, especially those hard to part with emotional items. My heart is racing. Got to take Laura’s advice “Don’t agonize, organize!”

I really hate the word Hoarder. I have seen the show, and no, I am not anywhere close to what those people live like. In fact, my best purge sessions come after an episode because I have heard the voices of the organizers chanting that it is pointless to hang on to this stuff. Maybe I should DVR some episodes and work everyday! It always makes my problems seem more manageable. My problem is that I think that one day down the line if I do not start creating better habits and managing my stuff now, it could get out of hand like some of those people. I also seem to “spread”. I always used to spread my schoolbooks and homework out to past an arms reach around me on a semi-circle in front of me. At work, I start with the left side of the counter with a project and by the end of the night, I have worked my way to the right side of the counter. I think it is so that I can visualize that I have everything in front of me, instead of knowing that it is all in its place and I can go to it when I need it.

Time to take a deep breath and get ready for the day. It will probably be a bit overwhelming (I have got the tissues on stand by). I'll let you know how the meeting goes. Until then, I am making a list of organizing goals for her to help me with. I don't want to spend money for her to help me with areas I can tackle by myself.

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