Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New beginnings?!

So my boyfriend, Rob, and I went out "house-hunting". Really more like apartment, condo, townhome etc hunting, but you get the idea. When we move in together, I want us to bring only the things that make us truly happy, and not start out our new home with a bunch of junk. Looking at some of the places today, I think I have a bit more purging to do. I won't be moving into a house and combining our things is going to be a lot of stuff. The places are not too small, but there is no room for extras to tag along with us. I'm excited, and back to the 52 weeks of organizing. I fell a bit off track, but have been pretty busy since returning from vacation. I have maintained all of my spaces though and nothing has gotten worse. Sometimes you have to just maintain until you can go full force again, but I am ready. I need to get my list out and start tackling some more projects!

Also, please keep me in your thoughts as I am interviewing for a new job this week. I will keep you updated on that. Lots of new beginnings, just in time for Spring~!

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