Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Clean Car!

I only waited until it was 17 degrees outside to decide that enough was enough with my filthy car. The groundhog said spring will come in 6 weeks, but I cannot wait 6 weeks to have a nice day to clean my car. So I did it today. Inside and out (got a car wash too). The thing that was different about cleaning my car today is that when I brought everything inside, I put it right on my bed and promised myself that before work I would have a nice made bed and all of the stuff from inside of my car would be put away in the proper places. I brought things in in laundry baskets, went through each basket, and found a home for the stuff that had accumulated in my car. Keep in mind, I have a 3 year old who has to be entertained every second of the day, so there were a fair share of his toys that had piled up in the back seat (14 hotwheels?). Once everything had been gone through inside, I went out and scrubbed down the car. I wiped everything down with armoral. Then on my way home from skating practice I stopped by the car wash and vacuumed and shampooed out my car. I had to use the DIY car wash because my car is getting rusty on the doors and they didn't want their car wash to catch and rip any more of it off. So I stood outside on the freezing cold day giving my car a wash. I even had the mats going at home in the washing machine. I am going to try to implement a new rule. I cannot bring my cell phone inside the house until I bring everything inside that has entered the car that day. My son will be accountable for his toys that he brings in the car (with my help and reminders). So not that it is clean, I need some storage options for the car. I leave my skate bad in the trunk and usually like a bag of stuff for my son and I in case we stay over my boyfriends house. It would also be nice to have a Just In Case Kit in my car too (feminine products, aspirin, gum, etc). Any ideas? I would be happy to hear them.

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  1. I use one of the formula company diaper bags to store extra things in our car. Keeps it together and easy to reach--spare clothes, diapers, and you could do that for the things you mentioned.