Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Linen Closet- Project #4

When I went to grab a towel this morning, I couldn't help but notice that our linen closet was severely out of control. I am starting to find places to organize and add them to my list of projects. Freaky huh?! I found out that skating practice was canceled so I had a few extra hours to get something done today. Hello linen closet! I live with my son's grandma (ie ex's mom) and it is hard to change our shared spaces around. I figured that there is no harm in making the closet work for both of us. I didn't touch her shelves but the closet is a big improvement.
Shelf 1:Placemats, tablecloths, bed in a bag 
Shelf 2: Table runners, sheets, pillowcases 
Shelf 3: Beach towels, bath towels, hand towels, washcloths

Took a little under an hour to take it all out, sort, refold, and put away! At least I won't end up grabbing a place mat instead of a hand towel next time! :)


  1. Very nice. I have a linen closet that needs organizing too. Yours give me hope that I can get mine done!

  2. The best thing was, I made it out to be this huge ordeal, and it wasn't bad at all. 2 weeks later and I'm happy to report that it looks the same/better and we are using the designated spaces correctly. All we needed was a place for everything. Now everything finds itself back in its home location.