Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Destroying the digital clutter

Have you ever gone through all of your Blank CD’s? Maybe you never had to because you properly labeled and stored said CD’s way back when you made them. I, however, did not make the best label for them and I have no idea what I have on each of them. There were so many that were burned (you know how you can tell on the back?!) that didn’t even have a label on the front! AHH!  Here is the plan: I am going to go through every single CD I have, typing out all the files on the CD whether it be printing the index of pictures or making lists of songs on the CD. In addition to the CD’s, I am going to go through my computer, which was full to the last GB to purge the computer. I will be saving pictures to CD’s and putting them in my new organization binder. That way I can declutter my digital life. This will be no small task, but I am ready to get my photos and music organized in a way that I can have access to whatever song or picture I need in the future.

I worked on this project for about 8 ½ hours last night. Way past my bedtime, but my son went to bed early and I saw it as prime time to get some of this huge task done. 

What I accomplished:
Made 16 music CD/MP3 pages complete with song lists. Ctrl + Print Screen saved me so much work because I copied and pasted the lists into Microsoft Word. (For the CD’s that showed up on my computer labeled Track 1, 2… etc I went through and listened to a clip of each song and wrote the name and artist down. 4 CD’s. I only had a few I had to google lyrics for.)

Labeled 18 picture CD’s. (Once the pictures from the computer have been made into DVD collections with Index print, I will do the same for these, but I don’t have any room on my hard drive for that now.)

Made 1 DVD of pictures complete with Index prints

Impressive? I think so! I already need to go to the dollar store for more page protectors. I don’t have to get any more DVD/CD’s because I have an enormous stack of blanks! Even though I don’t plan to do another 8 hour stretch of this, I can get it all done. I know that my system is what will work for me and this storage solution makes sense. No more wondering, searching, or hours spent searching for a pic or mp3!

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