Friday, February 11, 2011

My son's closet!

 Today turned out to be a lot more than I anticipated. I went through my son's closet. Now, he is 3 1/2 years old. What could possibly accumulate in that amount of time? Way. Too. Much. I thought the battle of the clothing was done last week after the PO came and helped me. I was wrong. I had 4 boxes and 3 Gymboree bags to sort through. Not to mention the countless other things in there. I literally worked on that project from 8am-4pm and I still think I could make it better, but I got where I want to be. It doesn't help that his dad still has a box in the corner and up on the shelf up top, but I got his stuff out of the way. I know what is in there and it is a more manageable amount. The box and 2 bags are things for him to grow in to, but they are labeled and sorted, so I know what we have. I sorted and took pictures of the clothes in lots. I am really trying to sell them on Craigslist, but if I have no bites soon, we will do a kidsignment sale. I decided the garage was a better place for his bike helmet too, but didn't want to retake the picture!
The before pictures:

The after pictures:
 Pictures of the clothes I put together:

 So if you know anyone with a boy newborn-3T let me know! I have an entire wardrobe :)


  1. Fantastic job! Doesn't it feel so fantastic when you have a child's closet organized? Angie xo

  2. The fact that I can open it and take a step in is amazing! I can reach something in the back of the closet without tripping over the mound of things falling out. Even he said, "Look, I can see all my things now"!