Sunday, February 13, 2011

New habits & Microwave Mad-dash

I didn't do much in the way of organizing today. I focused on the mental instead. I did sell $60 worth of my son's clothes via Craigslist! SCORE! I have broken even on the cost of the PO and how much I have made on craigslist. Now everything else will be profit, and if it hasn't sold in 2 weeks it is off to the donation center. I thought I would be more concerned with the "cost" of just donating the items. Even when I get a donation receipt, I can't use it against my own taxes, I don't make enough so I give it to my son's grandma. The thing about the stuff/clutter/clothes is that I know how much I paid for them, but I have realized that they served their purpose to me, it was worth the money I spent on them previously to be used, and someone else will be able to enjoy them after us. I'm trying not to think about it as money down the drain, but rather, an investment that I made (to clothe my child) and the investment served its purpose. I wouldn't buy a pack of gum, chew it, and try to resell it to get back some of the purchase price. I bought the items because I wanted/needed them at the time, not because I was looking to sell them in the future, though that is always a bonus.
A new habit of mine is that when I put something in the microwave, I utilize the time to do something. Whether it is 30 seconds to wash down the counters, 2 minutes to get some dishes done or cleanup started, or 7 minutes a lean cuisine so I can sweep the kitchen floor and do the baseboards. My time is precious and I have wasted so much of it staring at a Microwave Countdown. I know how to count down from 45, why would I have to watch it? To make sure it doesn't mess up? No, because I never realized I could accomplish something in that "less than a minute" time frame. Now in our home I do the Microwave Mad Dash while I listen to the hum of the food cooking.
My car is still spotless thanks to my rule to myself that I cannot bring my cell phone in the car until it is cleaned out. This is not a habit yet, but I am hoping it becomes one.
Another habit in progress is my calendar. It is the calendar on my iPhone, but it is still being utilized daily. I know I have to get an actual calendar, but it is a start, and really seems to be working. I like the feature that allows you to give yourself a reminder alarm. It keeps me on time when I start getting ready early enough.
I think that is all I have for today. Hope everyone has a nice Valentines Day tomorrow!

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