Monday, February 7, 2011

Finished Filing and a new organizing tool!!

I was able to finish my filing project from the other night. I got the filing box (that used to be my dads) and some folders to go inside of it. I didn't buy hanging folders, and I wish I did, but I can save that for a day that I want to re-organize my file folder box. Perhaps alphabetizing, or most used to least used folders in order. Am I crazy?! I really did think of these things after I finished, and knew that I'm hooked to this new habit I am creating. Anyway, I am now ready to start using this file system to help me with my paper organization. I will now spend less time looking for papers, which means I will be less frustrated and stressed when it comes to finding these documents.

Now because I got filing folders I decided that I definitely needed a LABEL MAKER! I hate my own handwriting and the folders look so nice and neat with their freshly printed labels! 

This project came with the territory of having a bunch of purged and unnecessary items with a lot of my personal information on it. I borrowed my uncle's shredder and nearly filled it! My new goal is to keep a folder of "to be shredded" documents and to take them to the shredder each time it fills.

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