Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Small Triumphs!

Today I got my son's top drawer of his dresser done. It houses his PJ's, Socks, Underwear, and Swim Suits.
I got everything emptied, and all the socks matched and in it's ziplock, all the PJ's matched with the correct tops and bottoms and all the undies sorted with the ones 2T/3T in the front row and the 4T in the second row. We are quickly approaching outgrowing the little undies and if they are too tight when we put them on in the morning they are going in the bag next to the dresser of outgrowns. I forgot a before picture, but it would have just looked like a jumbled mess. Now he doesn't have any lingering 12month socks hiding in his drawer. He is 3 after all, and they don't fit! It is the little triumphs that can make our days or mornings or nights a little easier. Hoping to tackle something after work this evening if I have some time.

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