Saturday, February 5, 2011

Paper-cuts and less papercuts!

Do you want to know how I organize my important paperwork and documents and bills and all other paper? Nope, it isn't in piles! Kudos to me?! Or not? NOT. Somehow, a duffel bag I have has been the catch all for papers. It takes time for me to find something in there because it was overflowing.
 This poor black bag had become a black hole. So I threw everything on my bed vowing not to go to sleep until the project was finished. I now have a huge shred pile and and am taking the documents to a shredder tomorrow. I have the remaining papers sorted and ready to go into a "new to me" filing cabinet that was my dads. I just need to get new hanging folders at the store tomorrow, label my folders, and file away. Project is nearing completion and I am determined to use the duffel for its intended purpose. Won't it be nice to carry mine and my sons clothes in a duffel bag rather than plastic grocery bags to my boyfriends house for the night?! I think so!

I also finished moving out the stuff in my dads storage unit. It was a collective effort of mine and my brothers to get it purged the first week of January. I finished it (with the help of my boyfriend and uncle) since he is away at college. We are no longer paying to keep items in storage. All that we decided to keep fits nicely in my uncle's basement in a tiny corner. It felt great to get that burden off of my shoulders! I no longer have to go through my "dads stuff". I will be making a shadowbox of the items I am keeping, and displaying it proudly to be able to enjoy. No more out of sight out of mind. Let's get it in plain sight and enjoy it!

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  1. Don't you just love it to see how little by little, all the hotspots are clear of clutter? I am in the process of going through my paper clutter as well, and promised to myelf to do one drawer a week so I will stay motivated. You did a great job, I also checked your other posts and I must say I am impressed! Thanks for sharing, and thank you for stopping by my blog!
    Greetings from Luxembourg, Natacha