Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's the simple things

So last night at work I started coming down with one of those colds that you know is about to knock you on your behind. Maybe related to the fact I cleaned out my car in 17 degree weather? I digress... So today I didn't get anything major accomplished. I did, however, do a few small things that I wanted to share. I decluttered my keys! Took off 6 keys total, 5 of which I don't remember what they are for.

Removed over half the weight of my keys
I also decided that I would start tomorrows project tonight. I emptied out the "junk" drawer in my bedroom. It used to be a makeup drawer, then fragrances joined the drawer, then it became a catch all for buttons, lotions and everything else. I emptied it tonight and put in some baskets for boundaries. I am still trying to decide what I want the drawer to function as, so I will sleep on it and organize something that will work for me and find homes or purge the rest. Fragrances also found their own home (I have a huge problem with fragrances, that I am not ready to part with yet!). Something simple things that will make tomorrow easier.

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