Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Closet Storage Makeover

I am so proud to post that Monday my boyfriend and I completely made over my closet. We went to Home Depot and bought a Closet Maid storage solution and put in in my closet last night. Of course, it couldn't be quite that simple. We first had to take out the stuff on the walls with a crowbar. I say we, but I just watched. I know that I plan on moving in a few months, so why would I do something that includes a fixed unit that I won't take with me? Well, one reason is that I just don't have enough room, even for the few remaining months I am here. I also wanted to see how well my boyfriend and I could work together on a home project. Not that I was testing him, but I could never have done it by myself. Also, to see if I liked the idea of different closet storage solutions. Well, I'm hooked! I love the way it turned out, and I am sure whoever uses the closet after me will love it too. I have an extra 4 feet of hanging space and lots of room for storage on top. We still need to go through and patch up the holes from the crowbar and ripping the old wood off the walls, and it needs a fresh coat of paint, but we will do that when we have a weekend to let the things dry.                                                       The Before's:

 Over stuffed and overflowing

That is not my creepy monkey!

Boxes of junk in the bottom

Really, when is the last time I needed 2 pairs of character shoes and tap shoes?

All emptied out, have to pry to wood off...

So in doing this, I have another project to do, fill in the holes and paint the closet. I also want a light in there.

Job well done!


  1. Your closet looks great.

    Monica (

  2. Great job! Love the way the closet looks now.

  3. Closet solutions like this are so nice. Way to go! Your boyfriend did a very nice job, by the way.

    Thanks for stopping by Gizmo